My gf of many years who I love with all my heart gave the ne

My gf of many years who I love with all my heart gave the news that she is 3 months pregnant now. I was just diagnosed 2days ago that I have hsv. I feel like complete ****. I have since then told her and she is waiting on results. I feel like complete ****. How can I have done this to the person I love who has been there for me through everything; all the highs and lows. What does this mean for my baby. I want to kill myself but I don’t want to leave the woman of my dreams alone. This **** is eating me up.

Okay, first, she could have given it to you, or you could have had it for a long time.  It can lay dormant.  You are not a bad person, you are person who has had sex and this is just something you can get from having sex.  This doesn't affect the baby and if she does have herpes, they will just monitor her when the baby is due, if she has an outbreak, they will want her to have a c-section.  Repeat after me, this is going to be okay.  

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I appreciate you responding and shinning light on a more positive approach to the baby’s health. I just kept finding more and more info online about how hsv affects baby’s health…..I pray for the baby and mother’s health more than anything. I can care less about what is meant for me

Thank you again. Just in a really funk head space

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can you chime in here please!

Hey hey hey! better late than never I suppose! Here to chime in on the whole pregnancy and HSV thing. So I've been living with this lovely virus since 2008. I got pregnant early 2012 and went on to have a healthy baby girl October of that year. If she is understanding and you two are in a good space, let this be the least of your worries. Herpes is SUPER common and the doctors know how to navigate it in order to ensure she and baby are safe.

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Can you please support me? And would it be okay to ask for some pointers? Reading what you had to say definitely makes me feel hopeful.