My girlfriend and I have been dating for 7 months and they h

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 7 months and they have been for the most part wonderful. I'm at a point though that she is starting to bring me down. She has been dealing with depression for a couple of years and has low self esteem. She is always putting herself down. Now I always try to comfort her and be her shoulder to cry on but it's getting to a point that it's wearing me down. It's starting to effect school for me (I'm a senior in high school) and my ability to sleep and function properly and I am beginning to have some anxiety issues now. I know I need to look out for myself but she is a wonderful girl and I really don't wanna lose her. I'm scared that it might get to a point that I will have to break up with her but i don't know if she would survive it. She has attempted suicide twice in her life and every once in a while she'll tell me that she "just can't anymore. Im tired of life" or "I don't want to be alive anymore" and it freaks me out when she says that. She is on anti-depressants and sees a therapist but to me it seems like nothing is really working for her anymore. I'm sorry this is long but I just need a place to discuss this with. I'm new and am hoping this site will help at least a little bit. I just need someone else's testimony in this situation or advice. What should I do?

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mcg: You seem like a nice boyfriend. Since you are a senior and this is a very important year for you if you are headed for college, I would cut back the amount of time you are spending with her and focus on your schoolwork. It is important in life not to let others bring you down.

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