My girlfriend and I were doing long distance and we had been

My girlfriend and I were doing long distance and we had been going out for 18 months until she broke up with me in November. I just found out that she had cheated on me hence the break up... and had been flirting and going for other guys for months during. I honestly can't even function. I don't feel inside my body. I feel like I've forever lost the ability to trust. The entire relationship, my idea of her possibly being the future... rather than present is completely gone. I have actually become a victim of cheating, I've become one of those people that everyone looks at and feels pity towards. We always say "no that won't be me" but the girl I've shared my life with and spoken countless hours to... all that time is crushed and dishonored.

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I feel very sorry for what you are going through. It's the risk of a long distance relationship. You cannot keep in check with your partner to see what she is doing. And if a person is out of eye, then they are at risk of becoming out of heart. At this moment the most important thing for you to do is to fall back on your own life, and show you have a life of your own to live. You do this by picking up the pieces of your broken heart, and glueing them back together. After doing this, you try to move on as fast as you can with your life. Never put your life on a halt. If she was inconsiderate enough to do this to you. Then she is not worth offering your heart over. She doesn't deserve your heart, so bring back the power of your life where it belongs, namely in your own hands. And don't allow her to play soccer with your heart.

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