My Goodness

hi everyone,

i can't seem to get over married guy!! ugggggh!

I still think about him all the time and i just want to forget him.

I keep thinking he will show up at some point and i don't know why. We had a good friendship and it got blown to peices :(

I know that what we had was'nt a real relationship since he was married, but what is it about this guy that makes me hang on??

Our last conversation was him hauling off on me about the way i acted and that i don't want him to think i was more trouble than i was worth do I?? now why on earth would i want to hang on to that?

someone help me here please.....

Take your right hand hold your arm out and smack yourself in the head really hard. Well, I can't smack you through the internet! LOL!

Come on sweetie! You are so better than this! Let him go!

You need to shake yourself! Use a bit of self control. Stop all contact with him...immediately!

I have stopped the communication....he did'nt write me back that time so i don't email him or talk to him at all.

Maybe i need a good slap! lol! how far are you from Jersey?? lol jk

Live near philly - not far! LOL!

thanks for the refresher beautiful!

No problem and don’t worry - I promise if I bump into you in Jersey - I won’t smack you! LOL!

OMG I am originally from Levittown ,
My Mom still lives there

Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but we are EVERYWHERE! LOL!


i love this group!!

But if we were Really AloNe then one of us would not be here LOL

You are all hilarious and making me laugh out loud, thank you so much for that.

Heather, I have to agree with Beautiful. Sometimes we need tough love. When I went through my ridiculous incident with the "separated" (that's what he claimed to be, but turned out to be fully married) guy, my closest girlfriend did a non-literal smack upside the head and really let me have it. It was tough love that I needed to smack me out of such a horrible scenario. It honestly took me a while to get over him, but I did by not ever communicating with him or responding to him.

Look ahead to your beautiful future with an amazing man. If you hold on to this one, then you'll block the right one from coming in. Get yourself out there, get out on some good dates, and this guy will be a thing of the past.