My husband has ED from childhood sexual trauma and I am just

My husband has ED from childhood sexual trauma and I am just sick of it, for 13 years I have been understanding and supportive, he has not sought help, he will not quit smoking, does not want to take pills , wont get therapy I am just so done with him.

Hi MDMermaid! Please read the comment I left to Liz4673. I'm not being preachy... just try'n to help and maybe give you an opportunity to view it from another perspective. Good luck to you!

No sure what that comment is and not a fan of preachy especially since you don’t have the full context

My issues is that my spouse won’t get help that what I am frustrated with

@MDMermaid that is super frustrating, spouse that will try and make changes.

That's really good you have been understanding and supportive to him. He needs to understand that he has to quit smoking. As smoking could also lead to erectile dysfunction. As for the ED problem, he can take Tadalista ( ) medicine.

I am there with you. My husband doesn’t smoke or drink but he will not go to the doctor. He doesn’t want to take anything. I try to be understanding and don’t pressure him. I try to come on to him and nothing. Same thing with flirty texts. I get nothing. I am sexually frustrated and intimacy is 0. I love my husband dearly but need help.

@Marley13 does it bother him, that you are not intimate?