My husband is currently battling melanoma stage 4, with brai

My husband is currently battling melanoma stage 4, with brain and lung metastasis. He's undergone a range of treatments including radiation, IL-2, gamma knife and a few others. He's 31, and I'm 24 so we're overwhelmed to say the least. He's an amazing husband and father, and I'm so proud of him. Keep fighting everyone and happy turkey day!

Sounds pretty bad, especially since the two of you are so young and presumably have a young family too! What is the prognosis like? For what it's worth, the first time my melanoma got fairly serious (although nowhere near as bad as you describe) I put a lot of work into my state of mind. The most terrible things can be happening to you, but if you can feel OK about your situation, that counts for a lot. There aren't many active members in this group, but please stay in touch and we'll help you however we can.

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I know this battle too well.....a dear friend. I grew up on a beach, sun burned all the time, yet the doctors I've seen refuse to give me a referral to get a cancer screening......I'm 52, and have had hundreds of sun burns and have lost dear friends, heart goes out to you....I wish I could just be there for you...

@THEUNLOVED what we did was go straight to a dermatologist. My husband didn’t have insurance at the time and the community health center wouldn’t give him a referral. I recommend you do the same! And I’m sorry to hear about your friend :frowning: