My husband is feeling sick today and he has slept all aftern

My husband is feeling sick today and he has slept all afternoon and evening. I'm worried about him, even though I know it will pass..but I'm also just feeling really lonely. I've been by myself ever since I got home from work. I'm very dependent on my I'm just feeling extra sad tonight..could use someone to talk to...

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H,i AKP133. Sorry to hear your hubby is feeling under the weather and you're having a tough go of it also. If you're still around, I'll be online for a bit if you need someone to listen. Hope you're both feeling better when this reaches you. {Hugs}

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Sorry to hear your husband is sick. That's hard for both of you. Does he have a chronic illness? *hugs*

I am totally in the same boat. My hubby's been sick off and on since 2010. He is sick today. And I do care about his well being. However, I've been trying to convince him for 10 years to eat healthy and exercise. He is overweight but will listen to everyone but me about taking care of himself.

Hopefully, your hubby gets better and you gain your spouse back. I'm still waiting for mine to reappear.

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