My husband left me a month a go, we weren't working since ha

My husband left me a month a go, we weren't working since having our one year old and another woman came on the scene. We were together 10years in total and were best friends for 3years prior, I was 16. I can accept that the marriage had gone sour and it was for the best to end it but it kills me knowing hes with another woman especially as shes 10years younger than him and looks like the opposite to me. Hes practically been with her since we broke up and just made it official 2days ago. We have been talking everyday, nearly all day since we split, he tells me that shes nothing compared to me, that he'll always love and care for me and that maybe one day we'll get back together. He cries a lot saying he regrets it but its too late now, that he wishes he had done things differently, that he misses me and our son. He wants to stay close friends but I don't know if I can, I just keep getting hurt. We've been intimate this whole time until he made it 'official'. I sent her a message telling her everything, shes hurt but is going to stick by him. We are still talking and chatting a lot, he says she knows but I doubt it, he lied to me our whole relationship. Our relationship was hostile with very heated arguments , an emotional affair and several other women he got close to. He still has a hold on me and deep down I want us to get back together even though I know how wrong it is. I cant help but feel that i'll never trust another man and that im going to be alone. I just feel so lost.

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I'm so sorry you're hurting so badly. I was married 32 years when my h had an affair. We (mostly me) tried for 2 years to fix it. Even after 2 more emotional affairs I wanted to save us. The thought of being alone is so scary. Trusting again will be a problem for me too. There's a lot of very supportive people on this site. You aren't alone. Many of us are dealing with this same issue. Wishing you the best

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