My husband passed away on October 18th from a massive heart

My husband passed away on October 18th from a massive heart attack. I miss him so much. I am taking it a day at a time because I am learning more that it is a daily process.

I visited my husband's grave on Veterans day and felt an incredible peace. My husband was a Veteran who proudly served his Country. He was also a loving father, husband, and a man of faith. I definitely miss doing ministry with him.

I am learning that the more I talk about the memories of my husband and about the type of man he was really helps me healed through my grieving process. I love spraying his cologne on me so that I can have his scent.

I miss my husband so much. We were always together as if we were one person. I would never wish this pain on anyone. Even with tears in my eyes, I can still smile because I am grateful for the time we had together.

You have a grate attitude. You are healed already, and all you need is me.
text me to 3059513127. I am writing a book, and I need a friend to be with, talk with, and go place with. I am a mathematics teacher.

Sorry for your loss, so many are on here that have lost their mates, the grief is felt throughout the support group site. Please be assured that we are all here to support you and help you through your pain and suffering.

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@Johnnyangel4u Thank you

My pleasure, nice to hear another case of a good marriage, nice to have good memories instead of what so many on here who have lost there husbands due to infidelity. They are having it so tough, my heart goes out to all who are hurting for whatever loss they have or are going through. My prayers are with all those enduring here for whatever reason.

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