My husband was very open about what he did or didn't do duri

My husband was very open about what he did or didn't do during his affair. It worked out to his advantage to turn his mess into a message for others. At first it was a bit embarrassing for me but we've always lived an open life and have never tried to keep anything just "within the family." People I don't even know still approach me to say that we both are an inspiration to them. It gives me an opportunity to ask them their story. They always seem to have a story of some kind. It will never cease to amaze me how many people are affected by an affair. The ripples are so far reaching that I do suspect that the original sin in the garden of eden was adulterous. The Bible says even our earth groans for redemption.

That is exceptionally generous of you to allow him to be so open about something so hurtful and personal.

@CKBlossom He needed to be proactive because the OW was calling his work after we changed his cell number. She tried more than once to explain who she was to his coworkers. It also turned out that I went to HS with people who also know her. It honestly is a small world. I don’t believe in secrets. Whenever anyone new would approach me and say that they’d heard something, I just referred them to him. All men turn into narcissist after they’ve escaped a toxic woman.

Thank you for sharing. I know it's not easy. Thank you. Hugs

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