My kids were ditched!

"you want to get the girls together this week?"
"Ok i will call you"
"Sounds great!"

****in liar! i left the ***** a message and never heard back from her- why do *****es say they want to get together or get the kids together and then never hear from them????????????? what the ****???? if her kid was sick or something came up have the mother****in common decency to just tell me. instead i am just thinking she is a ****in ***** which she is. my poor kids!!!!!!!!! ****in ***** mothers!!!!!!!!!! they can drop dead and go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not to mention the other ***** mothers!

Calm down-don't start your morning growling-it sets a bad tone for the rest of the day! Why not call and try to reshedule with a specific date and time?

sorry - you are right. i go back and forth and in all honesty i was in a good mood earlier (was up early) but maybe i am bipolar - who knows? lol! i just cant get a break or find ANYONE who i can truly TRUST!!!! :( i never believe anyone anymore in anything.

i am so tired of it always being me to initiate and calling - its extremely goddamn tiring!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus Jane... I'm not stalking you here but sometimes I come across your posts and I very seldom comment because I get overwhelmed by your posts and sometimes just want to shake the crap out of you... I'm not trying to be judgemental... maybe I am though.... seriously your life just seems so out of balance and just recently I had a situation where I freaked out and just kept making things worse and overreacting and the feeling was horrible and when I read your posts I feel that for you. I think everyone deserves a balanced life.

To be completely honest I would be scared to become your friend... and before you become defensive... wonder... why do I care? who the Hell says I'd even want this JessicaC to BE my friend? That's kind of my point.

You seem very very intense and very impulsive... and I would be worried that something I would do or say would be misinterpretted or taken to mean waaaay more than it did an dyou would slaughter me on Facebook or on here or something.

When soemthing happenes or you think it has, try to stop and take a breath... try not to act when you are anxious or angry or hurt. your emotions seem to run very strong. Try to delay reacting until you are able to have a calm response and an informed decision.

soemthing else I wanted to just comment on... might it be a good idea to really think over how you define things? what is a "friend?" what does it mean to "like" someone or to "love" them? are you ever so worried about someone liking you that you forget to even wonder if you like them? how do you define sucess? what does it mean to be sucessful? what is "beauty?" what doe sit mean about a person if they are "sexy" or "desired"? what does it mean to be a "good" person? what does it mean if someone has a lot of friends? do you think being thin or knowing a lot of people would make you happy? do you know of people who are those things who are not happy?

I recommend exploring EFT on youtube videos to learn how to calm down. There are plenty of nice people out there and the best thing to do is to be the best you can be to attract people who are nice to you, etc.

Hey SweetJane, I DEFINITELY feel you on AT LEAST letting someone if they're not going to be available. To me, not doing that shows disrepect. But, unfortunately you cannot control people.

When people bascially "leave me hanging", I just take the initative to directly ask them "what's up" bascially. Letting the other person know how you a calm manner helps too.

Ask them to respect your time and also show people you value their time as well.

I hope the issue was resolved.

sorry if I came across as rude... I really didn't mean to be... I was just feeling really great and I saw you having a REALLY bad time over somehting that didn't need ot get you that angry. I hope evrybody finds balanc ein their lives and can learn to make themselves happy... me included.