My life has been... uncomfortable these past weeks. I got mu

My life has been... uncomfortable these past weeks. I got mugged once at knifepoint, almost mugged a second time by the same f*cker, and nearly got my car jacked, but managed to accelerate just as he opened my door. Furthermore, I'm no longer sure about starting out as an EMT, so I should probably wait and see until I decide, and just work meanwhile. My memory is foggy, I'm really bad at remembering to take my pills and thus my mood is still not stable. The situation at home is tense. I get told what I need to do every day, gets questioned about whether or not I did it later on, then I'm asked what I think I should do tomorrow before being told what I actually need to do. I have no income, and as long as my plans to start an education in January are still going, I can't get any aid from the municipality. The school I'm supposed to work at until January takes three weeks to reply as well. GOD F*CKING D*MNIT!! F*CK THIS SH*T!!!

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Bad bad sh*t. What were you in your past life? A baby murderer? Stay away from bad places. And January is not that far away. And being an emt is cool. I have a friend who's in nursing school so he can do both. Sees himself dangling out of a helicopter. I suspect it's more sitting around waiting for the next call. Hoping for peace for you

@Namaste250 I definitely wasn’t a good guy, that’s for sure.

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