My Life in Overdrive

I've never really had any problems with OCD until I started middle school. Here and there, the OCD would come and go. Some days it'd be bad, other days it'd be good. My OCD sort of went away in high school, but soon came back after I graduated. I can focus on certain things (like playing a game on the computer), but I can no longer focus to read a book. I usually only ready children's books because that's all I can focus on to read. I feel like a hummingbird on acid; I just can't just sit and relax. I'm always anxious to do anything, just as long as I'm doing some kind of physical activity. I have trouble reading or trying to read books more for my age group. I can't quite seem to get past the dreaded "Page 1". I recently started taking a homeopathic remedy to reduce and relieve stress, but I don't feel any more relaxed than what I felt before I started taking it. I want to take time out of the day to focus on me. I want to be able to sit outside or in my favorite chair and relax for awhile. I feel like if I try to settle down and try to relax that I'm going to flipping explode. Anymore, I've always got to be doing something to keep myself occupied.

anxiety is a weird thing to have. one minute your fine then the next ya cant focus. I to have this issue. I tried going the all natural root, I have a homeopathic doctor. but It just wasnt enough. I have done that for the past 9 months. things still were not making me better. I decided to see a physciatrist. Since being in the type of fix, my anxiety levels have come down and I have been able to refocus on my life. I am in the baby step mode. Finally venturing out of my house after 9 long months. I am still on natural vitamins for other issues but i had to take the root of an ant depressant.I have also engaged in music therapy. this is a great outlet. soft mellow songs that calm and relax you. It works for me.
So those are my suggestions to you. Keep your chin up and keep going down the right path. it will take some time but you can do it

I understand some of what you are going through. No matter what I'm doing, I feel I should be doing something else. I try to multi-task, but that only means that I screw several things up at once. Then I get stressed because I didn't get everything done correctly.

Keep up the Fight!

God Bless