My life is hell. i have no support. i have a toddler who nee

my life is hell. i have no support. i have a toddler who needs me, and other than her i literally have no support. i moved to my (sort of boyfriend/daughters father) country so we could all be together, but i feel so terribly alone. he can be mean and cruel of the fact that im an orphan, plus i have to start my whole life over since ive left my country. not that i had support anyway. but now that im in his country, and we argue and then im forced to leave the apartment because its not emotionally safe for me, and i have no place to go. the only place i have is my car. so i spend hours in my car, either parked somewhere or driving completely aimlessly because i have nobody and nowhere to go. then eventually i go back to the apartment be ause my daughter needs me. Yes ive lived the first 2 years of her life completely alone in my country with zero support except for child services whom I called becasue i was so exhausted and desperate for ANY kind of support. and its so sad but i actually looked forward to my child services worker to come because that would literally be my ONLY visitor.

What country are you in? Have you considered applying for a work visa so you can start establishing yourself so eventually you can move out?