My life is hell. i have no support. i have a toddler who nee

my life is hell. i have no support. i have a toddler who needs me, and other than her i literally have no support. i moved to my (sort of boyfriend/daughters father) country so we could all be together, but i feel so terribly alone. he can be mean and cruel of the fact that im an orphan, plus i have to start my whole life over since ive left my country. not that i had support anyway. but now that im in his country, and we argue and then im forced to leave the apartment because its not emotionally safe for me, and i have no place to go. the only place i have is my car. so i spend hours in my car, either parked somewhere or driving completely aimlessly because i have nobody and nowhere to go. then eventually i go back to the apartment be ause my daughter needs me. Yes ive lived the first 2 years of her life completely alone in my country with zero support except for child services whom I called becasue i was so exhausted and desperate for ANY kind of support. and its so sad but i actually looked forward to my child services worker to come because that would literally be my ONLY visitor.

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So sorry to hear. I don't have much support either. My son's father is dead, but he was emotionally abusive. The little money he gave me, really wasn't worth the bad treatment. I'm happy he's no longer in our lives.

And I'm unemployed. It's rough feeling all alone and not having much physical and financial support. I'm home alone now and it's hard applying for a job because my son is always doing something he's not supposed to. I have to get up from my computer desk every so often to see what he is doing.

I just found him standing on his table to the kitchen sink with the water running. It gets frustrating. Nobody here to help me watch him.

You can support me and vice versa if you ever want to send me a private message to vent. And I'll do the same. Maybe we can be there for each other in which ever way that could alleviate the struggle and frustration.

@the rainbow - i dont know what to say right now excep thankyou. its just so hard

I understand completely you had messaged back in Dec. It's so important to have someone that helps you out. I think thats what it comes down to. It's hard to be the only one and know everything depends on you especially when you have little ones. You can't just do what ever you feel like because you got to be there for there needs before your own.

Hang in there! Its very hard sometimes. I feel entirely alone too.