My life Is over unless I get help

I am really truly desperate in need of someones help. My father recently passed away at an age too young to die. He was my best friend in the world and literally my only family member on earth. I dropped everything in my life to take care of him after he got in a bad car accident and now that he is gone I am a few days away from losing everything. Right now ideally I need time to grieve, I think about my dad every second of every day. The problem is that I went on some stupid vacation and spent more money than I want to even say. The day I got back my dad died of a brain aneurysm, all of our money was in one account in his name in an offshore account, I can not get to it now. I guess the point I am making is that I have already lost his house, our car and most all of our belongings. Now I am about 2 days away from being homeless, out on the streets with my cat, no car and pretty much penniless.

I can't be homeless, I feel as though there is one way out and its not something I have ever considered in my life before but it would be so much easier than to be homeless. I cant live on the streets, I just cant. I have no other family or friends to turn to and my last hope which is pretty much pointless is to get someone online to help me. I know that is never going to happen so I guess I am pretty much done. However if anyone out there has a job for me or a place to live or would like to loan me money to pay rent I will be forever grateful. I know the chances of anyone helping a stranger are pretty much non-existent but I know if I came across a profile like this before my dad passed I would have helped in a second as long as the person could prove what they were saying was true which I can and would insist on doing before anyone helped me. I will move anywhere or even sell my soul or become a fulltime slave to anyone if they can help me. I am a really honest person so if someone finds it in their heart to help me I will sign anything and assure them I will pay them back. I know this is pointless for me to ask but I have nothing to lose, I am being kicked out on the streets in 2 days, PLEASE HELP!

I am so sorry for what you have gone through. i know this is a difficult time. maybe you can look into government assistance or some kind of unemployment that can temporarily help you out and give you some breathing room while you look for work. for jobs, there are a ton of websites that you can go to to look for permanent of temporary work. maybe try a temp agency in your area that can help place you, they are usually really quick with jobs. stay strong and keep your head up, you’ll get through this.


to be kicked when u are down doesnt help the grieving process at all but take one day at a time, yes u are at your wits end but as victoria says there are options open to u

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)