My life was great until five years old. And that was when I

My life was great until five years old. And that was when I started getting molested. But it wasn’t violent and didn’t hurt me so I didn’t really get affected by it that much at first. Fast forward to about eight years old and then I started getting abused by my father. He abuse me for many years. Treated me very badly. Set me up to leave the house and get into an abusive relationship from there. 18 years old and I was crossing paths with someone who would end up being my next abuser for 7 1/2 years.
Today karma showed up again. I was shown this person‘s newest mugshots for domestic violence. 2021.
All this started with my father in 1980 and 1990.
Now 2021, First Karma showed me my Dad.
He is alone and miserable. Suffering terribly.
Then Karma shows me the Ex boyfriend (Narcissist and psychotic) mug shots and court dates. Miserable and alone.
Me? Lost weight,healthy,happy and free! Blessing fall on me everyday!
I am feeling deep gratitude and thankful for Karma!

So don’t worry about anyone who has done you wrong. Because you do reap what you sow in the end. Just be your best self (that is whatever you want) and don’t ever look back.

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YOU pulled yourself up. You are your own best friend. You did lt!!
You are a success story for others to see and learn from. Be sure to write about your journey.

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@Inmylittleroom <3 Thank you! ((hugs)) ok.
I wrote a book at 28 and it sits in a folder.
I have folders of songs! Just wrote a new one and decided I would Record them and upload to my YouTube channel to live so others can enjoy too.
I will continue to be the light for others! :wink: Thank you for your encouragement! You are appreciated! <3

Yes I agree with this very much! Karma is real I think for those who intentionally do harm. I’m so glad you survived all that and able to be much healthier and happy away from abusive people. You deserve to be free and peaceful from all that!

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@Foundlove thank you.

@LollyNews I'm sorry you've been through that. Is good to know you worked through it.
Grace and Peace is your testimony I hear. Continue with that, I love it.

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@DearPeace thank you.

Thank you for sharing, this was inspirational to hear how well you're doing now, and all the work that you've done to get where you are. :) really happy for you

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@resistance7 thank you

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