My little brother (actually my man's little brother) is 10 a

My little brother (actually my man's little brother) is 10 and we have his every other weekend.
He's lovely even if he is trying to get me out of the way all of the time.

However I have a question about correcting unwanted behaviours without telling him off as he's not technically doing something wrong.

It hurts me that he constantly wants me gone unless I can do something for him, but I guess all kids can be like that.

This weekend he's started to imitate the dogs whining, which he's seen we tell the dog off for and aside from being irritating, it's confusing the dog.

My man is sadly more likely to shout at him but I hate it.
Yesterday between us we tried the whole, we tell the dog off for whining and send him to his bed, so you can go lay on his bed if you want and the dog can come and play on the Xbox.
I try to have a laugh with him about stuff.

What else should I try?

I also have the worry that he is doing it purely as an attention seeking behaviour, as I have seen him do certain things more to get someone to interact with him, even if he knows they'll shout.

Maybe try confronting him about it, ask him why he does it if he knows the dog gets in trouble for it.

@lIlI_Anonymous_lIlI unfortunately I think he gets more attention at home for negative behaviour… This is purely speculation on my part…
But when I first men my man and his mum and this brother I genuinely thought his brother may have actually been his son… Their mum was right there but for almost everything our little brother interacted with my man and asked it of my man, he obviously didn’t treat his mum badly, he just didn’t go to her for anything… My man seemed to do everything for him… And he adores my man, like looks to him like a god.

So without my man, although he is far from neglected, I don’t think he gets much interaction, unless he’s being annoying or something, but he hasn’t quite caught on even after more than two years that we notice him good and bad.

Because a lot of his behaviours seem to be attention seeking there are some conversations I won’t go through with him any more because it will just get so repetitive.
Like we won’t let him buy food from a mobile burger type van in town, but he’d start talking about it every time we passed it, even if it was 5 times in an afternoon and I noticed he had a big smile on his face every time.

So I told him nicely I wouldn’t talk about it anymore and even explained why and I even told him I loved seeing him smile but I’d rather do other things to make him smile, especially things that we could let him do rather than tell him he can’t do.