My male friend (who's no longer my friend) called me bad thi

My male friend (who's no longer my friend) called me bad things, like: "you're stupid" "mentally ill" "you're pretending to be a boy", like b*tch, you are p*ssing my a** off.

I'm sorry that happened how incredibly hurtful for a so called friend to treat you like that. Maybe he was hoping for more than just being friends, then when he realized that wasn't going ti happen, he had to act like an a.. No real friend is going to call their friend stupid and mentally ill because they might be struggling with something.

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@Fohb460 I just had enough of his bullcrp for real. All he ever did was just giving those shtty suggestions, like: be more interactive with people (I chose to hang out with only good people), start exercising (I still go to the gym), take care of your looks (Does it look like that I’m a smelly junkie to you???), wear perfume and be more feminine (Seriously, I’ve told you a million times that I’m not willing to do that because it depresses me if I can’t embrace my masculinity, even if you think I don’t look good with a suit), be more brave (Well how do you expect me to be more brave if I’ve been outcasted by others and now I’m afraid to talk to anyone, adding to my trust issues after being stabbed in a back multiple times by rtards not long ago???). Not to mention that he’s also a racist and uses N words as an excuse to joke about black people and he has a dark humor, and finally, he’s homophobic, said some nasty sit about queer people.

You can tell how problematic he is and had the tendency to involve himself in a conflict yesterday. He’s just hard to get along with. Fck him for making my life more miserable. Thank you for bringing me down even more, you ungrateful cnt (Not you, @Fohb460).

I’m not even sorry for using vulgar names, but I had to get this off of my chest. He’s caused so much damage for me, and here I am, defending my own position.