My mate has these frenetic, hyper-aggressive, hyper-loud, sc

My mate has these frenetic, hyper-aggressive, hyper-loud, screaming heebie-jeebie meltdowns, and I shut down completely, to the point that I'm essentially unresponsive and non-communicative...which just pisses her off even more. I can almost feel the circuit-breakers flipping 'off' in my head. My social skills aren't that great at the best of times; they're non-existent when I'm that shut down (my therapist calls it a "dorsal-vagal response"), making it impossible to constructively engage with her (or anyone else). It makes me feel awful and it can often take a day or two for the awfulness to subside and for my brain to fully come back on-line again.

Is it possible for you to start making plans to move?

No; this is my home, and she is my mate. Besides, who would take care of her?

@Piobaire It sounds like you are accepting of who she is and her issues and she is accepting of you and yours… it is definitely hard to live with and idk how long she’s been having troubles …

What does your therapist think?

As my therapist, he's primarily concerned with me. However, he knows we're a dyad; what affects one affects both. He thinks she's in an extreme amount of suffering on multiple levels, and that's seriously tweaking our relationship as a whole, and by extension my PTSD & depression. Any amelioration of her suffering would translate to an amelioration of the suffering of the dyad as a whole (including me).

@Piobaire Does your therapist suggest any specific steps to get her more treatment (I’m assuming that was your goal at her last medical appt)? Does she need yet refuse medication that could help her behaviors?

She's notorious for filling Rx's then not taking them, but the Dr, started her on duloxetine (Cymbalta) last week, and she's been uncharacteristically 100% compliant without complaint. She also volunteered that she has been treating me quite horribly of late. The last several days have been much better; much more like her old self. Fingers crossed...but it's hard not to feel hyper-vigilant for potential booby traps and ambushes.

@Piobaire How are u doing now?