My mother was recently diagnosed with cancer, which has been

My mother has recently been diagnosed with cancer, which has been very difficult for my family. My father and sister are very reckless with money at times, and they consider me stingy when I am focusing on necessities and not overspending. I gave up my dream to stay home and care for my mother, and my father frequently borrows money from me for household expenses; it's difficult for me when no one at home respects me. I work as a freelancer, and my sister contributes far less than I do. Mentally, I'm lost and struggling to keep my emotions in check as a result of my mother's illness, disrespect from my family, and abandoning my dream.

Hello nest, what a worrier and good person you are, you are doing this for your mother. What a blessing. Your dream is not gone or forgotten. That is something you can pick up on doing later remember that. Only you know about your sacrifices. And that’s okay. No one needs to. If possible sit your family down, dad sister, and have a talk with them. Talk about expeces also. And the work that will be need for mom when she needs it most. Make a plan on how to direct the family who are run amok right now. I’m sure they are scared and worried in their own ways and struggling with the fact that she has cancer.

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@Tropicalstorm Thank you very much. To be honest, my father and sister are not bad people; they are both struggling in their own ways, and my father handles all of the hospital visits and such. My sister lends money as well, but she has a 9-5 job and is unavailable at those times. What irritates me is that she is not actively responsible when she is available; I am able to work only on days when she is available, which makes it difficult for me. We need to be careful with our spending because of all the treatments; they tend to order food a lot even when we have food at home, a lot of small purchases that quickly add up, and I discussed it with my father, but it doesn’t end well, with him getting hurt or angry, and they never take me seriously. I’ve been saving for a master’s degree at my dream university, but it all feels out of reach now.

You are an angel for taking care of your Mom. I know it is a sacrifice you are making, but it is such a compassionate thing to do. I wish the rest of the family could honor your sacrifice by being more responsible and not leaning on you for everything. That's not fair when they spend carelessly then come to you basically for bail outs. I think @Tropicalstorm gave some good advice and wise words. I'm not good at giving advice, so I can't help that way. I personally respect you just from what you wrote here. I hope your family can learn to see your value and how hard you work soon.

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@afunk thank you