My name is Carmel and I'm a sugar addict

My name is Carmel and I'm a sugar addict.

not being mean...whats that mean? you like sweets and soda's? the key to anything is moderation

@Ck80211 are you a sugar addict?

Sugar addict here too! I know all about moderation and good and bad sugars but it's an addiction not lack of knowledge. I have had luck with replacing sweets with things like cereal, hot tea or flavored seltzer waters. Anything that isn't straight sugar like cake and chocolate. I have had the best luck with drinking something sweet to try to stop myself from a sugar binge. I drink iced tea with lemon and Stevia or hot tea. It doesn't work every time but it has cut down the need to have it as fast and as much as I had been.

i love soda, monsters and others...I drink 1-2 monsters a day and 2 six shot lattes. so sugar and caffeine yeah

@Ck80211 ahh ok. I think a sugar addiction acts the same as being addicted to anything else, like drugs or alcohol. I would treat you addiction the same as an alcohol problem because its likely you do have a sugar addiction :slight_smile: i hope this helps

well I have OCD on top of many other issues. PTSD, Bipolar Depression and ADHD...sooo Idk

@Ck80211 im sorry to hear that. I know that there is always hope though, its possible to recover even if it will could be long and very hard