My name is Dana, I am 57 years old and have been diagnosed

My name is Dana, I am 57 years old and have been diagnosed with MS, Diabetes and a stroke. Yesterday I had MRA's of the brain and neck and while on the way ome my neurologists office called to "get me in right away" because I have "a few abnormalities" he needs to discuss with me. I am scared and overwhelmed. I am sick of seeing doctors and enduring endless tests, procedures, treatments and surgeries, I have been treating a pressure wound on my foot since last November, have had an angioplasty. injections in my eyes and on and on. Not to mention, my mother passed away in late October and since I am in need of care, my father (age 77) has decided to move us to another state.

I need to find new doctors and financial aid programs to enroll in as I have no insurance. Where should I start looking? As I don't drive anymore I will need them close to Clarksville Iowa. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations?

National Organization for Rare Disorders NORD. This is something that helped me in the beginning of my MS. It may take a little time, but well worth checking into. Hope this can help. MS is recognized as a need for help through this company. There are different programs depending weather you're working or not. Ck with your state on what it offers. Take care,and good luck. It seems like a never ending task of looking up answers, but don't quit, one step at a time.

Hey, Diana, how's it going? Just trying to reach out.........

Hi Dana,

You might call the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and tell them you are newly diagnosed. Their national toll-free helpline is:
Their e-mail address is [email protected]. Their administration telephone number is 800-225-6495.

When I was first diagnosed in 2005, I contacted them and they were very helpful. I was on Copaxone at the time and they gave me telephone numbers for financial help with paying for medication. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known their was any type of financial help out there.

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