My name is Molly and I'm living in my parents house with

my name is Molly and I'm living in my parents house with four other people. my parents and siblings moved to the next town over and pretty much made me the queen of the house. earlier this summer they got an offer on the house and all my roommates have to be out by Aug 15 but I'm allowed to stay in the upstairs apartment but they don't know this. so my anxiety comes from these people in my house playing my parents and saying they will get out soon but never of them is 21 and has a 16 yr old girlfriend who we have kicked out many times. i called the cops on them once because they were fighting and it was getting violent and now whenever they are around i get so anxious because i feel like they hate me now. which i don't really care if they do hate me but living in the same house feeling that way is not fun. my mom told me about this website so i thought i would let loose my feelings...Aug 15 cant come soon enough

With being the "Queen" comes great responsibility. You need to tell these people they have 15 days to be out - and that it is not a choice of yours but that your parents sold the house and that is the deadline they are giving you. If they refuse to leave then you will have to get the police involved again - but hopefully they will know that they have no choice. For the time being it is YOUR place- not theirs so ACT LIKE THE QUEEN - run them off - everyone doesn't always have to like the queen but they do have to listen to her! Hope this helps girl! :)

Omg I love you! Lol I try so hard to be queen bee but I get no respect and I get so mad knowing my parents are getting played.they are getting some sort of legal papers to get them out asap!

Sounds like they have it under control! :)
Good luck with everything