My new boss keeps belittling me and screaming at me and he's

My new boss keeps belittling me and screaming at me and he's giving me anxiety and he made me cry in front of a customer. My dad wants me to put in 2 weeks notice but I don't know if I can last that long he makes me feel so terrible about myself and he even makes me want to relapse.

Just GO! Don't allow ANYONE to treat you that way! You deserve respect, at the very least. Respect and kindness is what you should have from ANYONE.

Forget the 2 weeks notice - just GO NOW. Don't let that boss control you with his terrible treatment of you. Just walk out. He deserves it!

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@ForeverBroken i just don’t want to be disrespectful

You're not. You can write this in formal letter (which you should for your own documentation) or you can politely tell him you are no longer willing to accept this treatment therefore you are excusing yourself from this abusive treatment immediately.
Personally, I would write it in a resignation letter, hand it to him and leave. Keep the letter unemotional and factual. Explain what's happening (I'm quitting now) and why. That is more than he deserves but very respectful.
You can't keep being abused like that and expect it not to affect you in a negative way... It's time to GO. xo

@ForeverBroken that’s actually a really good idea thank you!

Hi ginny: Year ago as an enlisted person in the Navy, I was forced to work under a similar sounding boss (and since I was in the military, I couldn't give a notice to leave.) I decided to deal with him using what's called an "I statement." The message goes like this: When you ...............(belittle me?) it makes me feel.............(anxious?)or your own feelings, and I feel like.........(quiting?) or as it put it to my boss, "When you complain about how I support you, in front of the patients, it makes me feel anxious and less confident which lowers by proficiency in supporting you even more. I was working for a physician as a Navy hospital corpsman and he would constantly chew me out in front of patients as he made rounds. I suggested he hold his criticism until after the medical rounds so I could be a better aide for his duties. It worked!

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@certifiedangus yeah that’s a good point I’m just scared at this point to even show up

I hear you! It's not fun when you perceive you're in someone's "bullseye" who has power over you. It's awfully hard to increase self esteem when someone's constantly critical of your performance. Try selling your "I message" with an explanation that benefits the boss. For example "When you frequently criticize me in front of the customers, it causes me to feel shame and anxiety and I end up performing even worse. Many superiors lack good management training and it may be someone like you who can provide some much needed training for him/her. Good luck, and realize that with more experience, you'll perform better even if the bosse's inappropriate behavior is not helping.

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