My OCD is getting exponentially worse.. I don't even want to

My OCD is getting exponentially worse.. I don't even want to touch things in my own home, and the paranoid thoughts and obsessions are awful. My therapist doesn't seem to have a clue, and the psychiatrist just wants to put me on drugs. I don't think she even knows what I have....Does anyone here have severe OCD? What do you do?? I want to get high, but I can't because of a possible drug test for work. I just can't keep this up.

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I read GABA helps control OCD. It is available over-the-counter. I take gabapentin for seizures. I recently stopped taking it and my obsession for food spiraled out of control. Gabapentin is a derivative of GABA. I'm back on med and have stopped thinking about food every minute of the day.

@Inmylittleroom Thanks. I’ll have to look into it. Psych Dr wanted to put me on Luvox, but I don’t know about it.

Trig Warn- hey I feel your pain I was diagnosed with severe ocd 7 years ago its awful isnt it the nagging voices that wont leave you alone and the crippling fear im so sorry others hv to feel this too but please know why your case is special to you your not alone I want to encourage you that in the end it doesnt matter what your psychiatrist says the reason I say that is you almost have to have the illness yourself in order to fully understand it in fact I dont really honestly know why you can be in that profession if you haven't experienced the same pain as your patients you can imagine all you want but youll never truly sympathize until you have it and it is a deadly illness im so sorry that your in pain I wish I could do something I hope that's not too forward. I wish I could help you with the treatment part but I might need to know more of your history my ocd was caused by severe headhits you see I dont believe that ocd happens out of thin air I believe it is caused by some form oh physical ailment I think people forget alot your brain is connected your body I think getting to the root cause comes down to you and what shape your body is in health wise in other words for example most ocd is caused by fanatic injury heal the injury heal the illness people dont often dive into why you have the thoughts they are more interested in bandage solutions in my opinion not trying to upset

@when I started to heal my tbi my thoughts slowed down and life got better have you ever had a concussion or ichronic illness by chance?

Hey high off of what!? Just curious.!

@Qu1f1re marijuana