My parents are still friends with my ex-husband

We don't have any kids and I'm over him, but I bothers me so much that they still have communication with him and spend time with him. What do you think? Anyone else have this problem?


I no longer have that problem but with my first ex, my parents did the same thing. Heck, they'd come to town to see me and the kids and their first night in town they'd take my ex out for dinner. They'd see him before they saw me and their grandchildren. It used to infuriate me like you wouldn't believe.

I finally got over it by pretending. I told myself they were visiting an old friend and did my best to disconnect myself from the emotional stuff. Oh I had tried talking to my parents about it but they liked the guy and considered him to be a part of the family though they were careful not to expect me to hang out with them and him when they were in town.

Bottom line is we can't control our parents and unfortunately they don't always behave the way we think they should.

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