My parents like my boyfriend more than i do!

my parents LOVE my new boyfriend!! the problem is i dont!! i cant break up with him because weve only dated a couple days and if i did my parents would wonder why and freak out!! hes a great guy and all but i just cant see myself with him!! hes just a friend!! how do i dump him without my parents thinking he hurt me?? they assume every guy i break up with is atomaticly an asshole but its not like that!! my guy friends are still wonderfully nice people i just dont LOVE them!! what do i do?!

You should tell him how you feel. Tell your parents that you just don't feel he is right as your boyfriend but that it doesn't mean he is a bad guy

thnk u!! i guess the reason i even started dating him was because i needed a shoulder to cry on but this is probably a better idea than dating someone you know you dont love… :slight_smile: