My parents stuck me on ritalin and antidepressants when I w

My parents stuck me on ritalin and antidepressants when I was 5 and 12. I got stuck in special ed from 1st-12th grade. I'm 29 and still stuck in school with 10 jobs down my belt. I get yelled at for everything and not enough money to cover 4 tutoring lessons a month and being able to get through it. It's too much stress and i'm not happy. My parents are selfish and really unfair with me being the youngest. My living situation isn't any better. I always seem to be the furthest from the kitchen, and roomed with someone it took her 4 months to realize her cat has been keeping me up at night. My other roommate isn't any better. She's awful. She yelled me out for getting groceries for three weeks due to being unable to get there. I can't drive due to being overmedicated because I don't have a drivers license and not enough money. I'm so sick of this.I end up getting stoned and drunk and passing out on my bed at 4 a.m. If any costs I wish they were dead. I could do it my way for a change and have my failed attempt be any better.

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Sorry you're going through this. Sending lots of support your way. Hugs!

I'm so tired of this. It gets worse when I have to pay tuition.