My partner and I have been together now over 12mths. When we

My partner and I have been together now over 12mths. When we first met things were great in the sex area, yes, he had to take Viagra but that didn't bother me I loved him for him, and we did discuss before getting together a little about his sexual problem. But once we moved in together 6mths after that, there was no sex.. he wouldn't take his Viagra, said he cant do it, makes up all exuses not to have sex with me at all.. he says he will let me down ect ect... Yes I was very pushy about it all as we did have a great first 6mths of our relationship and now 12mths down the track he has shut down from me in the sexual area, and my sex drive is very high.. he wont get help, no matter how many times I ask. He has an enlarged prostrate and he uses that as an excuse.. I feel its me... I am not good enough , my mental state of mind isn't as good as it use to be, my confidence levels have dropped.... Ive learnt not to pressure him over time but how long am I suppose to wait to be made love to.. my frustrations levels are so high and he isn't silly he knows this but still does nothing to try and make things better.. I love him so much and being with someone you can physically have is so very hard.. he is a very sensual man, but just wont have sex with me, he would rather masturbate with me doing it himself or me helping but I miss out..... leaves me feeling cold and alone and not wanted or loved...... I don't know what more I can do to help him and to help me.. councilling isn't an option as he wont go, and I cant get him to the doctor... I feel like leaving but my heart says other wise as he past relationships have all walked out on him and cheated because of it all... but I don't think its fair that I live in a sexless relationship, its hurting me way too much... I really don't know what to do next... I am tired of fighting with him over it.. its the only thing in our relationship we argue over and its sex... I miss it terribley...

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May be everyone else leaving is a sign? Either leave or find a lover.

Its easier said than done to just leave.... I am the longest relationship he has had and he is a good man... but its the fact he wont give himself fully to me due to the fact he has ED but I know its not all ED he woke with a hard on this morning and I played and he didnt react to me and when he got up he said I could of had him...yet he gave me no signal he was interested.... as when in the past I have reacted he has complain and said he didnt want it ect ect.. I have been left feeling so down and upset this morning once again and its doing my head in......

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The problem is not in your head! Sometimes it's ok to please yourself. He can choose to take part sometimes. But a relationship is meant to make your life better. He seems to make you feel more alone and sad together. You have to add up all the emotional, intellectual and weigh it out. From what you tell me those scales say you can find better, he's broken merchandise that may need to be returned! Especially if he wont fix it! Seems like you're hitting a wall with this guy. You deserve more!

@mamalaz that’s what I would tell my daughter, how young are you?

He's **** selfish. I was in the exact same situation. My man however had a radical prostatectomy. He has no sexual function post op. He made no attempt what so ever to be intimate. Couldn't care less about my needs. He is now my ex boyfriend. After 12 mths i ended it.

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@Lisaishere Unless you could write 10 paragraphs about how wonderful he is and how he enhances your life, it my be time to cut and run. Even some friendships have perks. What does he really do for you. Why follow these relationships? Have you ever thought about therapy, or better yet a woman’s group? How old are you? Do you ever want children?

Country chick, is he against taking a pill totally?

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