My penis has finally gone dead on me. Pills worked for a wh

My penis has finally gone dead on me. Pills worked for a while, then I just had no erection whatsoever. I saw a urologist and got the injections. He told me to use from 50 to 100 units (not sure what a unit is), but all this gives me is an engorged penis of some sort and it doesn't last long. Instead of continuing to pay for the injections medication (which doesn't do that much) I'm thinking of a penile implant. I would like to hear from guys who have gotten these and how awkward the pumping up is. I'm 66, not in great shape, but really feel I need to do this.

What drug are you injecting and what is the strength of it? 50 to 100 units is a lot. Units are usually reflected by the measurement marks on the side of the syringe. ED implant section has some post that may help you and at least one member who has an implant who posts quite a bit there. I'm with you. If I was in your situation I would definitely be looking at getting an implant as well.

Hi and thanks. It is compound drug made in a pharmacy and shipped to me. I'll give you the ingrediants if you are familiar with them. papaverine hcl 30mg/phentolamine mes 1mg/prostaglandin 10mcg Each drugis in a 1 ml solution.
The urogoloigst gave me 25 units in his office with almost no result. He told me to experiment with 50 up to 100 units Even 100 only gave me some feeling of engorgement for about 10-15 minutes, but no erection.
And yes, the units are the same as the number of the syringe. I'll check out urotalk, and I am also seeing my urologist again very soon.
My erection problems really sort of happened gradually but it seems the onset of no reaction whatsoever happened overnight. You know how frustrating that is. Thanks again.

I use Trimix as well and I've heard of mixes as strong as 100/50/2. If you're getting a little plump now from what you have there is some hope that a stronger mix might get you to where you need to be to make things happen? JUST MAKE SURE that you are getting that medication into the cavernosa or it will not work and it could be BAD if you keep increasing your dose and finally getting the medication into the right spot giving you an erection that could put you in to the ER. What size needle are you using?

Right. I'm using an insulin needle. I do my best to aim for the correct spot on my penis for the injection.
I have had a strange 2nd problem arise in past week. While playing with myself I felt 2 hard lumps under my penis head. About a week passed and I could feel the 2 small lumps in the top part of my penis,right below the head. I played with myself again last night and once more these 2 bumps came up on my semi-hard penis. It feels really bad and is a turn off. So I am seeing the urologist on Monday and will see what he says. I'll fill you in. I'm not sure if he'd give me a mix stronger than what I have with 100 units, but that is something I'll find out too. Thanks.

No idea about the lump problem but sounds like you're on it by scheduling an appointment to see your urologist. I think my 40/30/1 mix is stronger than yours and sounds like my ED is not as bad as yours. I say that because I think your mix is basically regular strength and you can get a much stronger mix allowing you to inject a lot less if it works which should save you money as well. 100 units is a lot. I usually inject 5 to 7 units using 31 gauge 5/16" long syringes. 5/16" IMHO is the perfect length. Avoiding veins I bury the 5/16" needle all the way in at 3 or 9 O'clock before pressing the plunger down. IMHO 1/2" syringes are too long unless you are well endowed. ED injection section has a couple of very good clinical demonstration instructional videos on how to inject ED meds under one of the posts there.

@chiefbrokenheart is a urology based discussion forum that has an ED section which has information on injections like Trimix, Support for women with partners with ED, pumps and implants