My podiatrist is a butcher! Had to have a toe removed bec

my podiatrist is a butcher!!!
Had to have a toe removed because of a bone infection. She wanted to remove all of them. She said I'd probably get infections in the rest of them at some point so might as well take them all now.
That's unnecessary surgery and is illegal. I'm glad I told her no. But how many of her patients said ok?!
Want to report her to medicare and medicaid fraud, but the next closest podiatrist is 50 miles away.

It appears there may be more to this picture. I noticed you also posted about being overweight, sugar addiction, diabetes and seizures. Some doctors will recommend preventative measures so there are not more serious complications in the future. I don’t know the full scope of your medical history but it may have been that direction your doctor was taking. Not just wanting to remove all your toes for the heck of it. I can imagine how scary that was to hear but just maybe there was some justification. I am sorry that you are going through everything you are and I hope that the one toe removal will stop the infection and there will not be any complications.

I don't put doctors on a pedestal. They are people like everyone else.
And sometimes greed gets the better of them.
Do you know there are over 7.5 MILLION unnecessary surgeries in this country every year! Unnecessary, meaning has no benefit for the patient in any way. Does not try to relieve pain, improve appearance, fix a problem, etc.
It is medicare and medicaid fraud.
And it's not just surgeries. There are the overcharges.
As far as removing more toes. I checked. There is no reason for it!!!
My other conditions do not call for any toes to be removed.
The podiatrist is a bully. She is very wealthy. She gets more money the more she removes.
If she had took the top of my foot off, the more likely there would have been complications, including a new infection. And she would have had a malpractice lawsuit.
I trust doctors as much as I trust anyone else. There a good ones and bad ones.
The feeling I got from your post is you trust doctors without question. My nature is to question anyone who holds some power over you. Most people are good. But then there are others.

guess who I get to see early this morning???

"The Butcher"

Saw “butcherette” this morning.
What a shocker!
She was in a very pleasant mood. Was very nice to me even behind closed doors. Couldn’t believe this was the same woman.
Next week the sutures come out. Goal now is not to stub anymore toes.

@Inmylittlerroom That's great you had a good turnaround. For some reason you had me singing the infant toes song. "This little piggy" this little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home, you guys know the rest. Lol, I love your way of handling your situation, this is how we pull up in not so pleasant situation. I'm loving the community we have here, you guys make good neighbors. Positive thinking and interaction makes up for the unso nice people in this world. Stay strong, stay up!

My piggy went to the market and never came back.
AND my other piggy who didn't have roast beef starved. The one who stayed home, and the one who had roast beef are still kickin' it. Don't forget the one who weeeeee all the home. She's sleeping.

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@Inmylittlerroom Your too much! Hahaha, that’s what keeps hope alive. God bless you and your sense of humor.