My psychiatrist brought up the possibility of ECT today. I'v

My psychiatrist brought up the possibility of ECT today. I've heard it can work wonders. I've also heard horror stories. I would love some input from the community here.

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horror stories are helped by the movies too. ECT done today is very different than from 30 or even 10 years ago. The biggest side effect I have heard of consistently is some memory loss from events surrounding the day of treatment. what has the group experienced?

I have had it done on two different occasions and I would say if you find the right Dr and the right facility it can be helpful in alleviating some depression

I've heard a few folks talk about more persistent and prevalent memory loss. Does anyone know how common that is?

They told me is was only temporary and that was my experience… no major memory loss

A family member of mine had it done and they told me it erased precious memories i would say don't do it also it did NOT help them.

Seems silly to write comments when they don't appear. Disappearing or lagging? Sorry if this is a repeat. I've had to go off meds because of a very nasty side effect, TD. So asked doc about ect. She says that for most of the psychiatric community it has lost its validity. My husband, a therapist, said I would hate it because it leaves you spacey for awhile (in charge person here). Wish more was known about how it works. Don't know what to tell you

You are going to tell us all about it if you try it, right. That is if you remember this request :-)

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