My recovery 'tool box'

While in recovery from my eating disorder, I began to develop a 'tool box' of sorts, in an effort to separate my emotional distresses from chaotic eating patterns. For me, that was critical. My first tool was meal planning,as most of you well know ♥, but I added many more as time went on. These included challenging myself to be more social, to risk rejection (which I feared terribly-but never seemed to happen?), and more as time went on....continuing to hang tight to my food plan as my anchor.
I no longer need that anchor, as I have learned that I can now handle my emotions in a much more healthy way.
What would you like to put in your 'tool box'? Or what have you developed as a recovery tool? I would love to hear about it!

HUGS...Jan ♥

hmmmm my recovery toolbox??? hmmm you know i never thought of that, umm i guess the meal plan, that i have , and you on here of course, i ll have to put my fiancee in there cause he has taught me a lot about life,

ummm i think caring for my body and respecting my body as it should be treated, not abusing it but caring for it. treating my body as i would treat a little girl(not that it shoudl look liek one) but help it along, baby steps to help myself understand that i am good enough and deserve good treatment and not punishment. also, ignoring media and looking away at magazines and limiting t.v.

caring for others is a big one for me, cause in doing so, you lose that obsession and fidn yourself in helping others. and you realise that we are here to help others and not obsess over dress size.

hobbies and interests are a big one---distraction works well, writing on here, hobbies, doing something you liek to do, and are passionate about can help.

prayer also helps , findign spirituality helps lessens any bad thought and puts you into a lovely joyous mood. putting your spirit OVER your bodys image helps alot.

thanks for sharing this jan,


Thank YOU for sharing!! HUGS..Jan ♥

Maureen: Wonderful "tools" and I was at a loss as to how to answer this. I love what you wrote, and plan to put those things in my toolbox! I especially like the caring for others, looking outside of our own little worlds to see the great needs of others and to help where we can
God bless you

thanks girl, yes caring for others is a BIG one,as it makes us forget out image and lets us look into our hearts...and how others are feeling/doing. it puts the importance from body--to spirit. the way it should be.

thanks so much molly, you can use any of these tools you like, in fact i think this sparked a post ive been trying to write for 6 months now, hmmmm now i think i have my answer....

love to you, giirl!


In my recovery tool box It would consist of a journal That I need to keep reminding myself to do.I always thought it was a silly thing to journal my thoughts but have found it a great recovery tool.This site is also part of my recovery.As Christa shared spiritual "prayer" is also part of my tool box.My counselor ,Who has helped me see things more clearly...her prayers are very comforting and calming.prayer helps me remember that someone loves me unconditionally!
And my most recent tool my Meal Plan which I am trying to put much faith in.
And most important to me the support of good friends that have fallen into my life..I am forever greatful for them.
Distraction and self talk are very helpful in keeping me safe.Telling myself that I am worthy of so much more.Trying to do something good for myself to keep my spirits up.

Thank you Grace!! Great 'tools' you have developed! I can tell such a healing change in your words...HUGS..Jan

Can I put Jan in mine?? ;0) LOL!

I'm already in there silly!! ♥

LOL ♥ You got that right! :)

What a great concept: a recovery toolbox...

So, within mine would go:
Meal plan - I'd never really thought of this but it's something which I should start to do each week, not sure if I would be able to stick to it though!
To be more social - to put myself in social situations more.
To take up a hobby, I'd love to take up dance lessons
Cookery books - believe it or not, I used to be passionate about cooking - just looking at these books helps to remind me of how I once regarded food and I imagine that if I started using them again and experiencing the flavours, it could help.