My severe anxiety has taken on a life of it's own and is about to push me over the edge

I can't explain why all of the sudden I'm in panic mode all the time. It started about 5 days ago-- nothing was going on when it began but it hasn't let up since. I'm dealing with a lot right now, I'm busy with work, trying to keep that plastic smile on my face, dealing with the consequences of an unfortunate DUI, missing my x, wondering why my dad hasn't wanted a relationship with me for the past four years and now the thought of pumping gas at a gas station scares me. I'm terrified.. This constant feeling of fear nervousness has started to create issues. After a break up, I'm back at moms. I've never met someone who is in denial like my Mother. She has no clue what it's like to be in my shoes and she doesn't want to- she chooses to always appear like things are perfect and she doesn't like that I'm her dose of reality. Her and my sister use my situation as a crutch to supply an answer to all of their problems... They don't see that I'm falling apart. After taking my pulse which was outrageous and seeing the anxious shaky state I was in, My doctor this morning suggested I take some time off from work to get things back in some kind of order... That's not going to happen with the negativity and belittling going on here.. No one understands.. I can't let this ruin me.

Hi sjf.91, Welcome to . Just by reading the things you listed that are going on in your life, I can understand why you might would be in panic mode. Sometimes when alot of stuff happens in a short period of time, we may feel overwhelmed and feel panicky. I think your doctor made a great suggestion about taking some time off from work and taking some time just for you. Do you have a friend or someone or somewhere else you can stay during this time to be able to help yourself? Keep sharing and letting us know how you are doing. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

Thanks for responding to my post. One of the repercussions of the DUI is a 30 day period with no driving at all— this happened a little over two weeks ago and has pulled my freedom up right out from under me. It’s almost like my anxiety hinders me from asking a friend for help because i’m so scared I will maybe get thrown into a social setting that causes a panic attack and I won’t be able to escape. I can’t stop over analyzing everything going on around me.

It's refreshing to know someone knows what I'm going through. I'm sorry to hear that your marriage is up in the air and sorry to hear that you got another DUI. My heart goes out to you because after it happened 3 months ago, my life and I have all changed drastically. What were the repercussions of your DUI? I got 4 different charges and they gave me no breaks because of the fact that I'm underage. I got charged with a DUI, wreckless driving for going way too far over the speed limit, open container for a mini shot in the side of my door from God only knows how long ago, Underage drinking and a seatbelt ticket just to put sprinkles on that little f*cking cupcake. I will be on probation for a year, am currently in the middle of a 30 day period where I can't drive and when over I will receive a hardship license for work purposes only for 9 months. I have to attend DUI school, complete community service hours and the money im paying is insanity.. especially because I got an attorney which ended up being a waste because nothing got lowered or dropped. If you don't mind sharing some details of your DUI with me, it may help because no one around me understands how degrading it is. Any tips? Any tips on anxiety and how to deal with my "perfect little family" that resents everything I do during this period where I'm unable to drive? They are constantly around me and it's a challenge to not crack like an egg. Even though my mom knows I need to get out of the house sometimes and it would be so nice for her to offer to do fun things with me like she once did, but even going to the grocery store with her the other day- I notice her mood changes when we are in public now. Where i live isn't very large and she is well known here and she knows way too many people it seems like-- not to mention, she has always hidden the truth and not faced the truth because she is constantly worrying about what other people think. I'm going to lose my mind before this 30 days is up. If you have anything you think might help please send it my way. I'd really appreciate it just like I really appreciate you taking the time to write me. It gave me a little warm feeling. Maybe us talking back and forth since we are both currently dealing with a DUI will help us both. If you want to share more with me I will try and help you more like you helped me.

Hope to hear from you very soon.
-hugs back

I got a DWI back in 1986. I chose not to get my license back before my court date so on my court date the judge said I didn't have to do any community service. I lost my license for a year. Had to pay court costs and attend the school. At the time, I lived close to work so I borrowed a bike from my in laws and rode that back and forth to work. My husband went into the Air Force in 1987. I eventually moved to where he was at. Being we didn't have a car, I went over two years without my license instead of one year. We lived close to the Air Force base so I mainly took taxis back and forth, if I didn't walk up to base. Sometimes I was able to get a ride with someone but that wasn't often. At the end of 1988, I did go and get my license back before we left the country to go to Turkey where my husband was stationed. I have kept my license ever since.

It is a pain not having your license. You lose the freedom to go and come as you please. I definitely appreciated my license more once I got them back.