My sexual partner gave me HSV-1 genitally. If I have a HSV-1

My sexual partner gave me HSV-1 ( in the genital area). Prior to this I didnt have any STI or STD. My sexual partner is only the second person I’ve been with intimately. If I have a HSV-1 genital infection but heal up, can I still spread HSV-1 to others through sexual intercourse? If I have a HSV-1 infection does that mean I also carry HSV-2? What does it mean for when I’m trying to get pregnant in the future? Can someone still get pregnant safely with HSV?

we have a link to a FREE Handbook pinned at the top to answer the questions you're asking. please download and read it!

Thanks @a_survivor. I read the handbook. Condoms for safety of course. I’ve been feeling so anxious since my results came in, I got on anti-virals and my infection is healing.

thank you for reading the handbook! it is very informative!
Antivirals work well for many! Always Remember, antivirals are “SUPPLEMENTS” to you own body’s strength to keep OB’s in check. that being said, a new healthier lifestyle and Antivirals will help you! the ultimate priority is for YOU to KEEP YOUR BODY IN TIP TOP SHAPE FIRST!

already you’re learning to live a new life with HSV! you’re on your way!

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