My son's dad started talking to his family again and he mess

My son's dad started talking to his family again and he messaged me last night telling me to pack my son's stuff because he was leaving and taking him. Today he's saying he's not leaving because he pays the rent. Told me I have to get a job and start paying for my own stuff because he's not spending any of his money on me. I've been trying to find a job for almost 2 years! He told me I have to pay him back $50 a month to pay back from October 2021-April 2023. Said if I try to leave he's going to have me sent back to the hospital and if I go back again I can't be released without someone claiming me and signing me out.

Do you have family that can help you out at all and have you tried applying for disability

@Silentspeaker My grandma is all I have left and here lately she doesn’t want anything to do with me she’s on his side. I have applied multiple times and been denied every time. Nothing in my records have changed so I stopped trying. My son’s dad already receives disability for his birth defect and were trying to get our son’s disability for his autism and cerebral palsy.

hey there im so sorry, just hold tight good days will come indeed they come

@anaszakir There’s another profile on here that has your same picture and description. That yours too?