My son's father has left us once again... Same time as last

My son's father has left us once again... Same time as last year. Last year it was a women. This summer I found out he gave me herpes... Now he's gone again.. This time I don't know if it's his alcohol problem, herpes, women, drugs etc I don't know but I'm so tired so frustrating with trying to help him grow even after all he has done to me.

Signed... I'm still standing

And you are still with him because? Don't allow him to use you as a doormat. Divorce and say goodbye. Yeah your child needs a father, but he failed as good example for him anyway. Yes you are still standing , but only physically, mentally i advise you to get a psychiatrist, and to start reading self help books.

You should find a better future for you and your son. If your husband left you for another woman, it means you are not his nr.1 priority in life, and you only deserve the very best. You have to be like a trashman, dump all the negative people (even if they are loved ones or family)/things/events out of your life, and only bring in good people/things/events into your life.

I recommend the book: From We To Me: Emerging Self After Divorce

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