My story isn't like the others. I'm not being bullied of har

My story isn't like the others. I'm not being bullied of harassed. I have lost the only one I have ever loved out of no where. He just got up and left. Suicide has been in my mind for a while now and I have no one to talk about my problems with. Yes I have talked to him about how I'm feeling and he feels terrible enough to where he wants to do it to. He just doesn't want a relationship with me right now. How could he say that after 2 years with me. After all of the things we went through and did together after he promised forever and broke it. I lost all my friends when I got with him because they didn't like my choices and the people who are trying to help me now are just telling me to forget about him and move on but I can't. I love him and clearly he doesn't want me so why be here.

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Because it seems so bad right now. Time changes a lot of things do u wanna talk?

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I know how this feels, oh god I do. Forever is so easy to believe in and when it is broken it hurts so much. I'm trying to find another to love again and it is hard but doable. Please don't end it. There will be another. I loved her so much so frikin much but I have to move on just like you. But we can make it through this.

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Why be here? Because he's not the only man in this world. Someone else may find you 'WONDERFUL'.

Ever heard the saying, "Every tea cup has its saucer"? There may be a valid reason your friends didn't like him for you and this may be one of the reasons.

Time does heal a broken heart . I remember the day I was dumped and it was a scary feeling. I didn't want to be alone. I even followed one of my co-workers around the office. That's how bad it was. I really loved him dearly. I felt so comfortable around him and we had a lot of commonalities. I thought that dark empty feeling in my chest would stay forever. But, that was 12 years ago.

He and I are really good friends to this day. He's the Godfather of my son. I've moved on, obviously.

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I go along with Rainbow, given time to grieve, you are going to be able to pick up the pieces and find someone who really appreciates you. You are worth much more than what you give yourself credit for. If you had to give your life to save his I could understand it, but to take your life when he dumps you? Do you know how many men wish someone cared about them that much? That's the kind of man you want. I know that this may not help, but your life is worth more than someone who doesn't care about you. Please believe me, give yourself some time to think this through, please.

I just have a bad past and he was the only one who looked past it he was the only one who got over it to be with me and now that we're broken up people manically think I'm back to my old ways but I'm not I'm not the same person. I want him back he treated me like a queen every day of my life and he said he would always be here for me. He's the only reason I haven't done it because he stopped me he took my pills. He has talked me out of every other time and the last time i lacy ally started to do it and he said if you do it I'm doing it to because I can't picture my life without you in it

@Funsized52 there are others like this trust me. Others that will look past it all and treat you right. You’ve tasted love so why not stick around to taste it again.