My story: when i was 13 i witnessed my mother get abused th

my story:
when i was 13 i witnessed my mother get abused there was nothing i could do i watched everything through the window next to the locked door i blame myself every day till this day for it. i was finally diagnosed with P.T.S.D at the age of 14 within that whole year my life went down the drain i went from living a normal teenage life to a life surrounded by a black cloud now it has gotten worse. i feel like im falling apart. i just need someone to talk to that had it that can help me overcome it

I have not had PTSD, but I think I have come close, and I have been tested for it too. I am available to talk to and support you. My step dad used to beat my mother, and it was hard to see. Even though the last time was ten years ago, some people never forget, and it forced my little sister to move out a week ago. The last time my step dad beat my mom was when I was in 5th grade, and had to call the cops on him, it was not easy for me to go through. There had been many instances prior to that which occurred and went unreported. Although, you should not blame yourself because you did not know what to do, or the options were not there. It is a hard feeling to acknowledge, but if you need someone I am here for you.

support me back so i can message you

I will do that :)