My thanksgiving is ruined because of herpes. I swear the onl

My thanksgiving is ruined because of herpes. I swear the only reason this disease was created was under the sole purpose of ruining lives. I was supposed to spend the day with my boyfriends family. I baked cupcakes last night to bring to dinner. But there's nothing like waking up with a herpes outbreak. Spending an hour in the shower. Then proceeding to lay in bed and cry because it hurts too much to do anything else. My boyfriend left to go spend thanksgiving with his family without me because I couldn't get up. Herpes will ruin your life. It truly is a debilitating and isolating disease. Anything that you possibly look forward to it will take away from you. If you have the balls just end your life now before you're stuck suffering being left out of every important event for a lifetime.

Don't let herpes ruin your life. It's an obstacle that can be overcome. It's not something that will just happen overnight. You know, every full moon I get a little outbreak. Same with this one. I don't know if they're at all related for what you're experiencing. But aside from that, you need to make observations, adjustments and experiment. You are your own scientist and doctor. Learn from others. Learn what can disable and abort an impending outbreak. Learn what can help heal it faster. All the spiritual traditions say Life is suffering... but it doesn't have to be. Herpes is definitely unfortunate. I'm not a major fan of it. But it has enhanced my life in different ways that I wouldn't brag to the typical person about. Ask for help. Say God, Great Spirit, Alah, Whatever Please help me get through this. How can I overcome this. Find other methods of dealing with this. I used acupuncture and chinese medicine. With chinese and american herbs, I've figured out how to manage my herpes. I'd read about people who had done the same and just thought they were smoking the wacky stuff but I was on my own personal journey and I figured something out to be in a better and empowered place. Just ask. I'm here, the internet is here. just ask. You don't need to suffer.

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Yeah so I've tried every remedy I could find online and the ones prescribed by my doctor. None of it works for me. Absolutely none of it. I can't tell when an outbreak is coming. It just shows up out of the blue on days like thanksgiving when people are spending time with their families and forces me to be alone. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is no positive side to this. My life has been completely ruined because of herpes. I can't plan or take joy in anything because herpes will ruin it

How long have you had it for? Your life isnt completely ruined because of it. Look at what you do have? You have family, you have a boyfriend and its not terminal. How is your overall health? Have you looked at how your diet might affect obs or stress? If you are newly daignosed you experience what most do at first. Have you tried things like honey or cornstarch on your blisters? Try to be strong.

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When I say everything I mean everything. F*ck honey. F*ck corn starch. And baking soda. And olive oil. And tea tree oil. And all the food I gave up for no results. And all the hours I spend in the gym for absolutely nothing. I'm healthy. Except for this. I might as well be terminal. Actually I'd be better off if I was terminal because then I would know for a fact that my suffering would come to an end. My boyfriend doesn't want to be around me. And I miss out on the few occasions I could spend with family because of this. And this isn't my primary outbreak. It's recccurent and miserable.

Im.sorry you are going thru it yep its crap. Has you doctor been able to give you any other meds. Maybe your next step is alternative or naturopathic treatment. Obviously your immune system isnt fighting the virus sufficiently even with your changes to diet and exercise. How hard to do train in the gym. Maybe this is putting strain in your immune system. While we can be healthy and fit we can do the opposite to our system. Some athletes train so hard they end up crashing or ending up sick because they have over worked. Just a thought. I really dont know what to advise otherwise. How long have you had it?

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