My Theory of Conspiracy

Okay stick with me here,
If people have evidence and say that the government can tap into our phone lines then isnt it possible that they would tap into your computer cams or install cameras in your house or even go so far as to put cameras in mirrors or televisions. Well i believe thats true i may not have proof yet but i will someday soon. Even with the people following me around and they think i dont notice. Its the same song and dance all the time i'm walking somewhere and hear someone behind me they know i'm going to turn around so they move out of my sight and you know what i bet, i bet its the government sending people to follow me around they probably already had people install cameras in the school so they can watch me in class as well. Who knows what theyre up to? No one but i'm on to them whether they know it because theyre watching me or they know it because they want it to be obvious.


thats an interesting idea u have there, i dont think they can put cameras in schools and houses due to the human rights laws but i could be wrong, it does seem as if some people are following us i suppose the simple idea they are going the same way doesnt count?

u have a peaceful day hon

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

Of course that could be an explanation but why would they hide from me when i turn around? Doesnt make any sense to me but i suppose either one of could be right I just find my explanation to make more sense. Nothing against you though

You have a great christmas :slight_smile:


u are quite right i dont think we will know the right answer and im sure your answer makes more sense than mine but i live in a little village so we dont have hordes of people that are strangers about

but u have a great xmas too hon

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

Unfortunately, and I don't mean to affirm your conspiracy theories, but anything that has a camera and access to the internet can potentially be hacked. I get freaked out whenever I remember that my webcam on my laptop is always potentially on, allowing the peeping toms of the internet to peer into my life unexpectedly. Still, I don't even want to think about some global conspiracy or Big Brother. Can't imagine "They'd" want anything to do with a nobody like me.

Shanese 1992

I still believe in your conspiracy theory even when I am not hallucinating ....
But I don't think it is you personally who the government is watching , it could be anyone for any reason we don't know about .
I made some troubles with the government during my breakdown, I got myself into investigation due to my theories and thoughts - in politics and religion - I used to tell people about ,
now I think I don't care about what is happening or who is watching me I just want to live life as simple as it could be
without caring about others , its just me who I should take care of .
try that Shanese