My upcoming appointments

I have therapy on thursday and i cant wait to share some new things with my therapist. My psychiatry is on the 2nd of next month its just a checkup on the new meds which have been working fabulously.

write down what you want to tell your therapist in order to remember every detail . add every information you have to your file , Good luck :)

Thanks i just made new journal entries this morning so i wont forget. :smiley:

I've been feeling as if bugs are crawling on me and I itch but nothings there. I began assuming I was schizophrenic Last year after hallucinating that as I walk I'm being stared at and talked about. I also began hearing my name being called and I would stop and wait for minutes trying to see who it is. Mind you, I don't do drugs. I also see people &For some strange reason feel as if I want ti punch them when they are innocent. So I started research and found a list of symptoms and I had about 85% Of them. I need help ! I see people from the corner of my eyes and when I look nobody's there. I'm not kidding im so serious. Can You Help ?

You should definitely start out by seeing a therapist first have them assess whats going on because 9 times out of 10 they will take time with you to understand whats going on and from there your therapist should recommend you to a psychiatrist. But definitely try and get help soon so that somebody can start you on some medications that will help you out

Ok , thank you. I hope you can help. I'm only 14 so when i see things in my high school i try ignoring it so i won't feel as if imma weirdo (Not trying to say schizophrenic patients are) but at home it helps if i leave lights on and listen to the beatles.

It helps me if i leave the lights on too partly because of the things i used to see in the dark. The method of repeating “not there not there” doesnt really work i guess. I like listening to music as well but sometimes i hear people calling my name in the song or sometimes outside of my headphones. I get paranoid listening to music because i feel like someone could sneak up on me while i am which is why im constantly watching my back and looking around.

Mee To ! I can never have headphones on because i get scared that things are gonna happen or in the song it gives mee ideas or clues to believe it was made for me. I keep music on speakers so i can here and see everything. What helps you keep your mind away from these thoughts or voices ?

My medications for now. I have occasional visual hallucinations and voices but since i started my new meds nothing really bad. I just got so used to talking back that when i hear voices i just conversate with them. I also have the problem of talking to people that arent really there it keeps me occupied for the most part of the i like created an entire society for myself in my mind thats where i retreat to at the end of the day for the most part so i guess my answer would be i dont keep my mind away i think its just best if i talk to them because they keep me company.

Nice . The things i hear are just my name or somebody conversating with themselves when nobody's around. And i see people just standing still as i pass them and i try to run because i'm always afraid. I wish i can conversate with them but i'm scared and they don't usually last long. I highly doubt it's a ghost. Another thing is ifeel as if i'm alone in the world. i don't know why. & When i was 9 i went crazy and yelled at my mom and stepfather saying the devil's after me and it lasted for hours before i calmed down.

My visual hallucinations dont usually last that long either just somebody walkin by and at times with mirrors me walking by thats a reason i hate things that reflect images because it shows me things that arent there which scares me all the time there was a time when i didnt even recognize myself in a mirror so i would be scared that someone else was in my room. I had a voice just recently that thought satanic demonic spirits were after her and it got me paranoid which is why i pray before i go to bed at night because it still kind of scares me. The voice would wake me up in the wee hours of the morning but with my new meds shes all gone and i sleep much longer. Not to keep mentioning my meds or anything.

It's Ok. Maybee Ineed Thee Meds. in mirrors, i see myself but if its dark & I see a reflection its usually not of me. i don't know who or why it shows up but im scared of it. &when i use the bathroom &the shower curtains are closed i can sense that there's somebody on the other side. Do my experiences show any signs of schizophrenia ?

You know i feel the same way about the shower curtains i always double check if someones on the other side but im paranoid that theyre playing around like they comeout of the shower when i look in and go back when i come out. I thought that was just me. I would say its definitely something to look further into. Lookout for visual and talking hallucinations, delusions, paranoia and other symptoms i can get an entire list of symptoms from my therapist tomorrow so i can help you out more.

Yea, They Are Playing Around Cause i can feel them staring. so i never open the curtains. But yea that'll help alot. and the worst hallucination i ever had was when i looked out my window &i saw a man waving for me from the balcony but he was glowing. so like any other 9 year old i ran to tell my mom &when she checked , nobody was there. that one involved cops &My entire family just to find out what it was. But how much is it for a therapist ?

I dont really know how much it costs at the moment im a military brat so tricare pays for it at the moment.

Oh, you're lucky.

Its not gonna last much longer though i got about 5more years of free insurance.

That's Cool. Why Cant It Bee Free

I know right. They know people need help so these things should be free for us.

Exactly. They Shouldnt charge at all. Even for an answer to 1 of my questions cost money. Today at school i saw something in the bathroom so i asked my friend if he saw it and he called mee crazy.