My wife filed for divorce we have been married for over 15 y

My wife filed for divorce we have been married for over 15 years u don't want it but she does, and I know she wants to take me to the cleaners, we both make pretty much the same salary, but because I worked alot of overtime last year I made alot more than her, how should I protect myself, should I go through mediation or hire a divorce lawyer. She has some serious hate for me the man she supposedly loved through sickness and in health, iam just devastated, please advise

I would get legal shortcuts when your well being is at stake...sending you well wishes!

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Get legal advice...find a reasonable lawyer that won't get too much fear going but will help you cover yourself. Be firm but not buddy told me every petty fight over something equates to 250 in lawyer fees. I did our agreement and had my lawyer just give suggestions and now she is doing the same. Might keep it yo 1000 or so which is low...average cost of separation is 2500 or so but can get much higher. Lawyers are the winners in the end.

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Mediation works and is much cheaper, but it requires cooperation from both parties. If you're really sure that she's out to get you, you may just want to get a lawyer. If you do get a lawyer, DO YOUR RESEARCH. A cheap lawyer can end up costing you a fortune! And not just because they may not represent you adequately. A cheap lawyer can cost everybody involved.

For example, they may push the case to a court fight, because that will produce a lot more legal fees for them - even if it's not in your best interest. So take some time and network. Talk to friends, family, anyone who has any insight into the lawyers of your area. Look up reviews of lawyers online. And make sure to get a specialist - family or divorce law.

Your lawyer is going to be your representative in the agreement that will set a major part of the pattern for the next stage of your life. Make the choice wisely!

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Oh, and this is really important: tell your lawyer EVERYTHING. Don't hold anything back. Write it all down in advance beforehand if that helps. Try to be concise (time is money), but cover every point. That stuff about the prescriptions and papers and credit union that you mentioned before? Include it. Some people get embarrassed or hold things back for some reason. That's like not telling the doctor about the growth you noticed recently - it's a recipe for self-destruction! If your lawyer doesn't know, she or he can't help you.

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Thank you all

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