Narc struck again. He opened a phone line in MY name before

Narc struck again. He opened a phone line in MY name before the divorce. I cannot file a police report because florida is a community/communal property state. It was MY name and MY social and nothing I can do about it.

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Yikes, that stinks! Shame on Florida! Do you end up paying the bills for his calls?

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Aaagghh can you shut it off? Can you get your solicitor (divorce one) to help? So irritating xx

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It's actually in collections.... He opened it right after I filed for divorce and never made a payment on it. I can choose to pay it or let it sit on my credit.

@Almostfree it’s outrageous that you can’t cancel it - narcs really won’t stop at anything will they. Users through doc through

Don't you have to signs for a new phone line ?? If he forged your signature there's your ace in the hole

@1tomanytears my ex’s ex reported him for fraud as he ordered tv on her account. She didn’t have to pay in end worth looking into

I called Verizon and was told it was a secondary account under my primary account that he opened. They NEVER notified me. Because we were married I cannot file a police report. Verizon won't do anything about it because they sent it to collections although I never got a bill because it was his name but my social.

So frustrating @Almostfree

Contacted the FTC and they made a report against me being a victim of identity fraud and Verizon for allowing it to happen. They sent me an afadavit to fill out so I can file a police report plus the state genral (?) Number so that I can file a complaint against the police department that didn't allow me to file a stolen identity report.

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@Almostfree nicest people I have spoken to all day.

Thanks guys im hoping I can get somewhere

@Almostfree sounds like you’re on a roll now so keep rolling and stand up for what you know is right

Even with a police report Verizon won't do anything about it.

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@Almostfree sorry to hear that frustrated for you!