Natural cures for eczema

for those who like all natural methods, try these natural cures suggested for eczema:

"No matter how you look at it, when it comes to eczema, the best treatments available are often natural. With eczema being more of a chronic skin condition, getting prescription medications can be a hassle and aren't always available when you need them. Plus, using prescription meds long-term can lead to a lot of problems. Long-term use can lead to skin damage, thinning and even more pain. So, if you're trying to cure eczema, natural treatments may be the best route for you to take.

With that said, here are a couple tips on how to cure eczema naturally:


There are a variety of natural oils for you to use to cure eczema. Oils like coconut, olive, tea tree and chamomile are all effective cures for eczema. They help keep the skin moisturized, which is critical in any eczema treatment, as the dryness of the skin is what causes most itching and irritation."

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sorry it took so long to get back about this one but i was trying out the cocoanut oils i have a stubbon patch of skin that is on my elbow sick of nothing working in the winter months when u have to wear several layers that tend to catch any sore bits i gave it a go,

and i was impressed with the difference it made, the patch is neither sore or as red as it was before lessening my trips to get the meds

so keep those posts coming

love D :)

thanks for reading and testing it out. really good to know that this info is real and it works.

I know what everyone in this group is suffering with, I suffered with severe eczema for many years. I tried everything to find relief and went to many top medical professionals. I finally found relief and have been eczema free for about 2 years. I recently put together a website that shares all things I've learned over the years. I hope it will be helpful to the members of this group.

If you would like additional information feel free to email me, my first priority is NOT to sell anything but to give advice of what worked for me. Look forward to answering anyone's questions as I know how much stress and worry comes from this ailment