Nature Vs Nurture

Sometimes i wonder if schizophrenia is something in your genes which there is ongoing research or is it simply something the enviroment creates out of neglect of members of society. In some cases people who are diagnosed have other close relatives who had it and it was passed on to them but in other cases like mine there is no trace or at least no one that my family knows of that had it so it begs the question is there really a gene for schizophrenia or is it an enviromental thing?

Im starting to ponder that same thing, my bf/fiancee, was taking meds prescribed to him for bipolar, and then he stopped taking them, about a month later he had a schizophrenic breakdown, he had never been schizophrenic before, well i always joked to him that he was because he always thought i was trying to cheat on him, but now he sees things that others do not and is just a complete different person altogether, i kinda think the meds did it to him, changing his brain chemistry, and maybe damaging it, but now he most certainly has to have the yeah i think alot of it environmental. I mean, who gets schizophrenia in their 30's ??? I hope that things get better for you and you are able to find the right balance of meds that work for you. You seem sweet, and so scared. My heart goes out to you.