Neck pain

well doctor gave me my results and said i had a herinated disc and it was big but not on a nerve and he said thats why I was in so much pain I know nothing about a herinated disc its probably where most of my problems are coming from is it possible it can make your muscle sore they said i was gonna get a cortizone shot in the neck u can only get three right after that surgery I guess and can it make your neck swell up where the bone is i dont know where C6 and C7 is and can it make your trapzius muscle swell up and get migraines

Hi Kdifterici, have you ever looked into alternative therapies and treatments to help alleviate your pain, such as acupuncture? Are you moving forward with surgery at this time? You are in my thoughts and prayers.

well i know the shots arent gonna last so i would say yes as soon as i ask the doctor cause eventually i will have to get surgery as the disc will get bigger and bigger the only thing is is i would try accupunture but it wouldnt last either way i need surgery and ty

Well got the shot and it helped at first now its wearing off surgery and i am gonna get the endoscopic surgery


At least you know what is causing your pain. I have unspecific migraines constantly. I've had an EEG, cat scan, and a number of tests, but nothing shows. The test come back positive, no issues with brain, etc. I do have a degenerated disc disease, which boils down to athritis in my back. I have issues with C5, C6 which are in the neck and also L6 and L7 which are in the lower part of my back. I also have sciatica. I have seeked chiropractic adjustments since Aug of last year. The pain is lessening. I still take meds though for headaches, and arthritis. I haven't had to seek surgery, but be advised that two former friends told me it does no good to fuse the spine. It appears the pain worsen. I wish you the best, but I would seek alternative treatment before going under the knife. I've learned at a young age that not much is known about the back, and some surgeries worsen the pain. SD

I am not getting a fuse if i get surgery i am getting a endoscopic surgery no fusion for me I am sorry for your pain i hope u get better

Had severe neck pain, which would cause intense headaches, hand and foot numbness. A friend of mind referred me to an Atlas Orthogonist and he saved me. I started treatments last October and now only see him every 2 months for an adjustment. This is something that you may want to look into. I am here to help you in any way that I can.

tys but no tys no chiros tried that made me worse

Oh got it, I am sorry that it didn't work for you. The Atlas Orthogonist that I see doesn't use chiropractic treatment but a radio frequency to make adjustments.

what is a radio frenquency

The Atlas Orthogonal site shows the technique that is used, as well as explains the process;

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Good Morning. Thanks for the link puppydoglvr it was very informative about this procedure. As I think back many, many years ago, my neurologist would treat me with cortisone nerve stimulations techniques and this helped me tremendously, alone with certain meds also. After treatments, I did not have a migraine for 10 years, and those were the best years of my life being free from pain. I am told I have a degenerated disc disease, which is basically from my understanding arthritis in my back. Prior military, I have issues with lower back, knees and ankles. After three + years of walking, my feet are now flat which doesn't have my back. A lot of the activities I miss are long walks, jogging, bike riding, horseback riding. Life seems a little dull right now, but I'm praying a season will come when this will pass. kdifterici hang in there!


SD, I know that this will pass for you. You mentioned that you were in the military, was the intensive training and rigorous activities the cause of what you're going through now? I think that I need to be more aware of this as well.

I know that you will be enjoying all of your favorite activities soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers.