Need a friend

I need a life line a friend to chat too on the phone or mobile some one too have coffee with i swear im going insane i have very few friends here where i live in australia in a town called wagga wagga can any one suggest a support group that can help me please i need to make some friends and get a social life and have time out for me which at the moment i dont have. you will never

My suggestion for you would be to join a chat room, or find a local forum group. Maybe put an advertisement on the local personal boards? Also, try going to there are women from all over the world in that forum. It's huge! I have made many friends from there. :)

*Big Hugs* Good luck! And I hope you find some good friends :) If I didn't live in the USA I'd be there for you :)

im sorry you feel so alone!
and i really hope you can find some 'live' people!

i dont know how things run in AUS and you sound as if you're quite far out, but is there any chance of meeting people in the nearest city? maybe doing a class or so? languages, crafts etc?

wish you all the best. and remember, you always got us!!