Need advice about coming out. I have children and family. Do

Need advice about coming out. I have children and family. Do I tell kids first, family members?

I would not tell your children first, or family. I would start with friends and slowly build up to your family and children. It may be hard for some people, but if they truly love and care about you, they won't care what your sexuality is. Stay Strong & Beautiful darling [:

@UncertainDreamer I agree my true friends and those that care about me will remain in mylife. I have never had a problem with accepting peoples differences, its hard for me to undertand why other people due though.

Before my dad came out, he talked to me about his friends of his who were gay to me and listened to my responses. Once he felt I was accepting of it, he eventually came forward with it. I'm not sure if any of the other family members know about it, but that seemed to make the transition easier for him.

@frog30117 Thanks for sharing, I think that approach will help

I told my friends, so long before I told my parents or my brother. They all accepted me right away, for being bisexual. But when my little brother found out, he told my parents and it didn't go well. They still cringe when I mention it or anyone does. But your family and children could and will probably be very accepting. But for your children, I would be very gentle on this subject, depending on their ages. But some people just feel like they can bring others down when they aren't happy themselves. Stay strong hun.